This Doctor Makes House Calls !  Brick Paver Repair, Restoration, Cleaning, & Sealing

Before & After Brick Pavers repair and restoration

Below are BEFORE & AFTER pictures of Repairs,Restorations,and Installations we have performed. Enjoy!

Paver Patio restoration, repair, and product replacement to revive their backyard!
                           Before                                                                         After

                        Before                                                                     After
eplacement of RR Ties with Modular Retaining Wall Syste

Power washing clean of paver patio, lowering raised edge restraint, and finish with polymeric sand:
               Before                                                         Before                                                       After

                         Before                                                                          After

Replacement of mortared brick planter with new modular garden wall blocks. See the transformation!
                             Before                                                                       After

                         Before                                                               After

Paver Patio repair done by re-compacting base and relaying pavers along foundation of housReplacement with a beautiful Brick Paver & modular retaining wall RAISED PAVER PATIO !
                                Before                                                                           After& steps replaced with modular retaining wall system and interlocking pavers. Awesomepaver steps, sidewalls, and planters. Replacement of old RR ties & mortared clay pavers...WOW!
                                Before                                                                    After
Step replacement of o
Re-installed with perfection and long term s. Repair modular retaining wall, caps, and paving stones. Finished off with sanding & brick paver seal

Old clay paver walk revived with cleaning and reinstallation with Riser Paver Steps to lesson slope. Old can be new again !!
                                   Before                                                                            After
paver front entrance improved for added curb appeal.  Now this customer is NOT ashamed to have people come over!
ck paver patio steps & front porch step reconstructed properly after poor installation by landscape contractor.
                                    Before                                                                            After paver patio step repair and fron

                          Before                                                                              Repair in Progress                                                                               After Sealing

Brick Doctor Bill and crew are the leading experts in brick pavers repair, restoration, cleaning, sanding, sealing, and ongoing maintenance services. We service brick paver patios, patio, walks, walkways, drives, driveways, paver steps, paver porches, pool areas, retaining walls, and more.  Cleaning, sanding, and sealing brick pavers in Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, and surrounding areas has been our specialty for over 30 years.  We no longer install new brick pavers as we commit all our resources to repairs, repair, restoration, cleaning, and sealing so we can service clients in a timely & professional manner.  Pavers Patios are our number one service as this is the main Outdoor Living Space for homeowners.  Improving and maintaining your brick pavers appearance and functionality is yours and ours top priority. 
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