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Brick Doctor Bill has over 37 years Brick Paver experience in the installation, repair, restoration, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance services.  Pavers Patios, Walkways, Driveways, Porches, Steps, and Landscape Walls require routine maintenance and repairs. Most brick paver and landscape contractors ignore the tremendous need for repair & restoration services of interlocking paving stones and walls, but not Brick Doctor Bill. We prioritize our schedule and services to the repair, restoration, and maintenance business of brick pavers.  We offer competitive prices with high quality services for rebuild, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance for brick pavers.  Bring back the function & beauty of your paver investment!

 Brick Doctor Bill specializes in offering these services with unmatched experience, professionalism, timeliness, and quality workmanship. Brick Doctor Bill is again leading the way to change in the industry and we are here to help! 

                       Brick Pavers and Retaining Walls

It has been over 40 years since high-density concrete interlocking pavers made their appearance in the United States market.  This brick paver market has matured and paving stones have become the norm for pavements in residential and commercial applications.  The residential applications of paver patios, brick walkways,and brick driveways has exploded in growth. In particular, paver patios are installed on 60% of new homes replacing the 70' and 80's norm of wooden decks. When homeowners replace their existing concrete patio or wooden deck. brick pavers are used almost 70% of the time as the replacement option.  The creation of modular retaining wall blocks allow for the paver patio to be raised above ground level. This raised brick patio application drastically replaced the wooden deck as America's outdoor living space in the late 90's. In terms of commercial applications, you will not see any Downtowns, City Parks, Pavilions, or City Scape remodel projects that do not encompass the use of paving stones with multiple colors, textures, and shapes. Paver Patios are the largest use of brick pavers in Metro Detroit Area cities like Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Ann Arbor,Ypsilanti, Belleville, MI areas. We have been servicing these areas for over 35 years now and the maturity of the market has shown.

Now that interlocking pavers have matured and are commonly used, there is an overwhelming need for brick paver repair, brick paver cleaning & sealing, and brick paver maintenance services. Brick Doctor Bill has observed that this area for paver repair and retaining wall repair has been neglected for 2 main reasons. The first reason is that brick paving contractors have only concentrated on the design and installation of paving stones and not the follow up services. It is hard enough for homeowners to get paving contractors to honor warranty work and even harder to find an experienced and reputable brick paver repair contractor to perform non-warranty work, even when they will be paid. The second reason is the lack of education of brick pavers.  Most paving stone installations are performed by non-educated, non-specialized, or trained installers. This results are that proper brick paver installation and design techniques are not followed and therefore these paving stone installations are inferior. Another important aspect is that these contractors do NOT educated the homeowner on the basic brick paver maintenance requirements needed to prevent paver repairs or failure.

This is where Brick Doctor Bill  comes in to perform these brick paver follow-up services and interlocking paver education.  After designing, installing, consulting,and repairing almost 10,000 brick paver applications over the last 37years, Brick Doctor Bill now specializes in brick paver repair, restoration, and maintenance services.  Brick Doctor Bill has also dedicated his experience to help educate homeowners or contractors about brick pavers and modular retaining walls with his brick paver repair Blog.

When considering a repair & restoration of your brick pavers, Brick Doctor Bill will give you a cost conscious approach to meeting your expectations and budget.  On site inspections are usually needed to give the most accurate quote and assessment.

Brick Doctor Bill