This Doctor Makes House Calls !  Brick Paver Repair, Restoration, Cleaning, & Sealing

Brick Paver Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance Services

Brick Paver & Retaining Wall Repair & Restoration :

We offer full Brick Paver repair services.  We repair Paver Patios, Brick Walkways, Brick Driveways, Porches, Pool Areas, modular Retaining Walls, Landscape walls, and many other brick paver applications. Our paver repair and restoration services include lifting & relaying, replacing, proper base preparations,redesigning, add-ons, and complete removal of paving stones and like. We work with interlocking pavers, clay pavers, patio blocks,and like.

Brick Paver and Retaining Wall Cleaning :
We offer full Cleaning Services of Brick Pavers and Retaining Walls We clean brick pavers and retaining walls using industry approved techniques and cleaning techniques. We offer powerwashing services, paver joint cleaning & weed removal, efflorescence cleaning, stain removal, mold removal, general cleaning for sealing prep, and more.

Brick Paver Joint Sand Replacement :
We offer full Paver Joint Sand replenishment and replacement We offer brick paver joint sand re-sweeping and replacement.  We offer full follow up Spring sweeping and compaction services for our clients to maintain the performance and appearance of your brick paver installation..

Brick Paver and Retaining Wall Sealing :
We offer full Sealing Services of Brick Pavers and Retaining Walls.  We seal brick pavers and retaining walls using high density concrete brick paver approved sealers!  Approved brick paver sealers are specifically made for high density paving stones and not readily available. They are high quality sealers and last 2-3 years in normal weather conditions. If the paver sealer is being bought at Lowe's or Home Depot, it is the wrong  paver sealer!

Brick Paver Maintenance :
We offer full seasonal Maintenance Services of Brick Pavers and Retaining Walls We offer seasonal ,usually Spring, brick paver maintenance services that can be contracted on a yearly basis. These services can include paver joint sweeeping, plate or tamper compaction, weed removal, paver touch-ups, cap re-glueing, edge restraint maintenance, and much more.

Paver Step Repair & Replacement :
We offer full Paver Step repair and replacement. We offer the ever popular and needed Paver Step repair..  Safety and appearance is always the main focus for this service.

Brick Doctor Bill and Team will perform a quality solution to your brick pavers repair, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance service.  Brick paver repair and maintenance is essential to long-term performance and appearance to your pavers patio, walks, driveway, front entrance, and so forth.  Many of our clients are amazed to the overall restoration of their dilapidated or neglected brick pavers installation.  Below are the brick pavers installation we service.
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